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  • Obálka knihy  Live 8 Songs od Billy Jonas, ISBN:  0703034100523 Obálka knihy  Live 8 Songs od Billy Jonas, ISBN:  0703034100523

Live 8 Songs (CD / Album)

  • Formát: CD / Album
  • Počet disků: 1
  • Vydavatel: Plastichead Music
  • Datum vydání: 2015-09-02
  • EAN: 0703034100523

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395,00 Kč

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Billy Jonas LIVE for adults/general audiences (recordings for families/young audiences are listed separately) Billy Jonas is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, 'industrial re-percussionist,' and a one-man-band whose primary instrument is the audience. 'Billy Jonas LIVE' is a portrait of a turn-of-the 21st century hootenanny, in the grand folk tradition, where everybody's in the band. With the exception of the bonus track, 'Billy Jonas LIVE' was recorded all during one concert on February 16, 2002, by Neale Eckstein at Fox Run, in Sudbury, MA. It features Billy solo, accompanied by a stellar 'audience orchestra' who learn their parts as they go. Special guests include Eric Schwartz (backup vocals on 'Coup d'Etat') and David Wilcox (backup vocals on the bonus track 'God is IN'). A Billy Jonas performance, and 'Billy Jonas LIVE,' is an explosion of energy, tempered with moments of lyrical introspection and mellifluous calm. In sing-alongs, bang-alongs, and whisper-alongs, everyone becomes part of a performance that reaches out and '. . . touches even the most hardened of hearts.' (Fayetteville Morning News) As with all Billy Jonas concerts, 'Billy Jonas LIVE' begins with a simple 'tuning' of the audience; from there a whimsical trajectory carries listeners through stories of life, love, and triumph over 'Murphy's Law.' Jonas' original pieces are played on fanciful 'industrial re-percussion' instruments made from found objects. He sings in a clear tenor voice; his guitar work is adventurous, alternately percussive and lyrical. Jonas' heartwarming work has been enjoyed across North America since 1987. Previously a member of the highly acclaimed duo, 'The Billys,' he has been featured at prestigious festivals and venues nationwide (see selected venues). Jonas has shared stages with some of the world's favorite acoustic artists, including Patti Larkin, Ani DiFranco, David Wilcox, Richard Thompson, and Pete Seeger. Jonas' most recent studio CD for adults/ general audiences is 'Life So Far.' It sparkles with unique perspectives and found sounds. Songs filled with hope, yearning, wonder, and wisdom include special guests David Wilcox, Glen Velez, Robert Moog (on Theramin), and Zimbabwe's Black Umfolosi voice and percussion choir. Jonas most recent studio CD for families/young audiences is 'What Kind of Cat are YOU?!' which has received a Parent's Choice Gold Award, and an Award of Excellence from Jonas has also has released a video for younger audiences, entitled 'Bangin' and Sangin,'' that has garnered critical acclaim, including a Parents Choice Gold Award, and inclusion on the New York Times 'Best' listing. Billy Jonas' performances will inspire, inform, and enlighten. His work is born out of respect and reverence, and seeks to honor the creative energy in everyone. Billy provides performances and workshops for adult audiences and/or family audiences. Billy is accompanied by a full ensemble of singers and re-percussionists at larger venues.
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