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  • Obálka knihy  Drop the Dead Donkey: The Complete Series od , ISBN:  5060105723575 Obálka knihy  Drop the Dead Donkey: The Complete Series od , ISBN:  5060105723575

Drop the Dead Donkey: The Complete Series (DVD / Box Set)

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  • Délka (v minutách): 524
  • Jazyk: English,
  • Kategorie: Comedy
  • Formát: DVD / Box Set
  • Počet disků: 11
  • Vydavatel: Spirit Entertainment
  • Datum vydání: 30/11/2015
  • EAN: 5060105723575

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1 196,00 Kč

Dostupnost: Skladem u dodavatele
Odešleme za 1 - 3 pracovních dní

Speciální: Interactive Menus, Interviews: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin, Cast


Every episode from all six series of the satirical Channel 4 comedy. Set in the offices of GlobeLink News, the British sitcom follows the exploits of the corporation's newsroom staff, led by editor George Dent (Jeff Rawle). Series 1 episodes are: 'A New Dawn', 'Sally's Arrival', 'A Clash of Interests', 'A Blast from the Past', 'Old Father Time', 'Sex, Lies and Audiotape', 'The New Approach', 'The Root of All Evil', 'Death, Disaster 'N' Damien' and 'The Big Day'. Series 2 episodes are: 'The Gulf Report', 'The Trevorman Cometh', 'Henry and Dido', 'Baseball', 'Drunk Minister', 'Alex and the Interpreter', 'Hoax', 'Don't Mention the Arabs', 'Damien Down and Out', 'The Evangelist', 'George's Daughter', 'Dave's Day' and 'Xmas Party'. Series 3 episodes are: 'In Place of Alex', 'Sally's Accountant', 'Henry's Lost Love', 'Helen'll Fix It', 'Sally's Libel', 'Lady Merchant', 'The New Newsreader', 'Joy', 'Paintball', 'George and His Daughter' and 'Awards'. Series 4 episodes are: 'The Undiscovered Country', 'Quality Time', 'The Day of the Mum', 'Births and Deaths', 'Helen's Parents', 'Sally in TV Times', 'Crime Time', 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Henry's Autobiography', 'The Strike', 'The Wedding' and 'Damien and the Weather Girl'. Series 5 episodes are: 'Inside the Asylum', 'The Godless Society', 'The Bird of Doom', 'What Are Friends For?', 'The Path of True Love', 'George's Car', 'Charnley in Love', 'Henry's Diary', 'Dave and Diana', 'Luck', 'The Graveyard Shift' and 'Sex 'N' Death'. Series 6 episodes are: 'The Newsmakers', 'Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells', 'The Diaries', 'But Is It Art?', 'George Finds Love', 'A Bit of an Atmosphere' and 'The Final Chapter'.
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