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  • Obálka knihy  Gravity od Gravity, ISBN:  0884501358705 Obálka knihy  Gravity od Gravity, ISBN:  0884501358705

Gravity (CD)

  • Kategorie: Jazz
  • EAN: 0884501358705
  • Formát: CD
  • Počet disků: 1
  • Vydavatel: CD Baby
  • Datum vydání: 2011-04-19

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Dostupnost: Skladem
Doba dodání: Odesíláme ihned

Seznam skladeb

1. Nemesis 2. Calypso Bob and the Three-Legged Fish 3. Environmental Sweep of the Nostalgic Core Mine 4. Road to Transition 5. Santi 6. Inner Sphere 7. L.N.S.C 8. Bad Dude on a Good Day 9. Love for Sale 10. Smack Ya Right in the Eye 11. Positive Energy


Founded in 2008, the high-octane modern jazz group Gravity performs mostly original compositions created for it's unusual instrumentation of two saxophones, bass, and drums. While deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, the band members enjoy a wide scope of musical passions and can be heard digging in to anything from the jazz canon to Led Zeppelin and beyond. Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, Gravity's new CD includes eleven tracks, nine of which were composed by saxophonist Joel Taylor Camp. The album opens with the Monday morning battle charge 'Nemesis'. Savor the poetry and raw emotion of the poignant lyric: "AAAARRRGH!". The mood lightens up with 'Calypso Bob and the Three-Legged Fish' which features a playful melody and infectious beat. A funky, flower child vibe comes forth with 'Environmental Sweep of the Nostalgic Core Mine', a mind-altering extended composition with a spacious, New Age atmosphere at the end. 'Road to Transition' is a thoroughly modern composition with roots in the music of Thelonious Monk and Ornette Coleman. 'Santi' is a beautiful ballad dedicated to Joel's lovely wife. The band pays it's respects again to Monk with 'Innersphere' featuring guest pianist Ralph Pugliese. The tempo heats up with 'L.N.S.C.', a tune with a blistering melody and quite possibly the first hard-bop tenor sax solo ever recorded through a distortion pedal! Evocative of film noire, Bassist Matthew Schneider penned the composition 'Bad Dude on a Good Day' which includes guest musicians Michael Lipsey on conga drum and Paul Schellack on guitar. The band follows up with a hard-swinging, bluesy approach to Cole Porter's 'Love For Sale'. Gravity spontaneously appropriated a blue toy megaphone and ran it through an overdrive effect for the lyric at the end of the opening melody of 'Smack Ya in the Eye'. This was by far one of the best laughs that we enjoyed during the recording session! Despite the antics, this is a tightly composed, deeply-swinging tune with several contrasting sections. The final track 'Positive Energy' sums up the band members feelings about this music as being a positive, healing force for good. This blues tune opens with a ripping bass solo in dialogue with the drums. The horns fly through their improvisations before finally relenting to the the riff-based melody at the end. Musician's Bios: Tenor and soprano saxophonist, composer, and educator Joel Taylor Camp is a rising star in the jazz world. He has performed on Broadway in the musical "Jump" at the Hudson Theater and at festivals throughout the United States and Canada. He has composed over one hundred works for classical and jazz ensembles. Matthew Schneider is one of the most versatile bassists on the New York scene having worked in classical music, jazz, rock, and commercial TV studio recording. A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory, Matthew has served as Principal Bassist with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville City Opera, Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, and at several festivals including Aspen, Spoleto, and Cape May. He has also performed at venues throughout the United States including the Blue Note, Merkin Hall, and the Apollo Theater in New York City. Don Torrillo has been playing the tenor and alto Saxophones for 30 years. His inspired improvisations are steeped in the influences of saxophone greats such as Booker Ervin, Frank Foster and Stan Getz. Drummer, author, and educator James Guarnieri studied music at North Texas State University and has performed with a diverse list of artists including the progressive rock group Frogg Caf
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