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  • Obálka knihy  Relish (20th Anniversary Edition) od Joan Osborne, ISBN:  0602547518880 Obálka knihy  Relish (20th Anniversary Edition) od Joan Osborne, ISBN:  0602547518880

Relish (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl)

  • Kategorie: Rock
  • Formát: Vinyl
  • Počet disků: 2
  • Vydavatel: Mercury
  • Datum vydání: 2015-10-30
  • EAN: 0602547518880

Poštovné už od 45 Kč a při objednávce nad 1199 Kč doprava na pobočku Zásilkovny zdarma
916,00 Kč

Dostupnost: Skladem
Doba dodání: Odesíláme ihned

Seznam skladeb

1. St. Teresa 2. Man in the Long Black Coat 3. Right Hand Man 4. Pensacola 5. Dracula Moon 6. One of Us 7. Ladder 8. Spider Web 9. Let's Just Get Naked 10. Help Me 11. Crazy Baby 12. Lumina


Double vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered and expanded 20th Anniversary Edition includes three bonus tracks, one of which is previously unreleased. Joan Osborne's 1995 album Relish is grounded in blues, soul and gospel. Osborne's passion for life oozes from the grooves. There's an uplifting fervor to her material and delivery, as if every second, every note was being individually savored. Key track 'One of Us' sets the album's optimistic tone. It's a simple, direct statement of faith, framed in a near-perfect chorus. Relish was nominated for Album of the Year at the 38th Grammys. The album and the song "One Of Us" were both nominated for multiple Grammy Awards in 1996. The song was written by Eric Bazilian of the Hooters. "Man in the Long Black Coat" is a cover of the Bob Dylan song from his 1989 album Oh Mercy. The final track, "Lumina", was used on the first episode of the HBO's hit show The Sopranos. It was also used in an episode in the fourth series of the CBS hit show The Good Wife in 2013.
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