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  • Obálka knihy  Songs & Dances of Medieval & Renaissance Times od Musica Antiqua, ISBN:  0894231292323 Obálka knihy  Songs & Dances of Medieval & Renaissance Times od Musica Antiqua, ISBN:  0894231292323

Songs & Dances of Medieval & Renaissance Times (CD)

  • Formát: CD
  • Počet disků: 1
  • Vydavatel: Essential Media Mod
  • Datum vydání: 2012-08-08
  • EAN: 0894231292323

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397,00 Kč

Dostupnost: Skladem
Doba dodání: Odesíláme ihned

Seznam skladeb

1. Festive Sounds: Trotto / Alle, Psallite - Alleluyan / Angelus Ad Virginem / the Boys Carol 2. Trouvere Tunes: Rondeau - Dieux D'amours / Virelai - E Dame Jolie 3. The Cabinet Organ: Preambulum in Fa / Der Zeuner Tantz / Judentantz / Preambulum in Re / Passametzo D'angelterre 4. Lauda and Motet: Alla Trinita / Venite a Laudare / Factum Est - Dominus / Letitur Iustus 5. Minstrel Melodies: Ache Reine Zart / Das Jagerhorn / Minnelied 'The Virtues of King Rudolph' 6. Medieval Dances: Dance Tune / Stantipes / Estampie 7. France and Spain: Endurez Allelulia / Je Demande / Two Pavanas / Qui Belles Amours a / Parle Qui Veult / Bransie / Two Allemandes 8. Italy: Mentre Uno Acceso Raggio / Cortesa Padoana / Galante / Vivo Sol Di Mirati 9. Germany: Courante / Dance Music of Erasmus Widemann: Anna-Sophia - Anna Magarentha - Johanna - Margaretha 10. England: Flow My Teares


Co-founded in 1952 by choral director Noah Greenberg and recorder player Bernard Krainis under the name Pro Musica Antiqua, the New York Pro Musica was a vocal and instrumental ensemble that specialized in Medieval and Rennaisance early music. The group gave it's first concert in New York City in 1953, beginning a 21 year career that lasted until Greenberg's death in 1966. This vintage recording from the late 1950's offers a fine example of the remarkable group and features many of it's finest early works. All selections newly remastered. [Note: This product is an authorized, licensed CD-R and is manufactured on demand]
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