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  • Obálka knihy  The Voyager Golden Record od Various Performers, ISBN:  9780692973820 Obálka knihy  The Voyager Golden Record od Various Performers, ISBN:  9780692973820

The Voyager Golden Record (CD / with Book)

  • Kategorie: Blues-Rock
  • Formát: CD / with Book
  • Počet disků: 2
  • Vydavatel: Ozma Records
  • Datum vydání: 2017-12-15
  • EAN: 9780692973820

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Limited 12"x12" hardcover book containing two CDs with all of the Voyager Golden Record audio content, remastered from the original analog tapes, all images that were encoded on the golden record, scanned from a set of the master slides, original essay by Timothy Ferris, bestselling science journalist and producer of the Voyager Interstellar Record in 1977 and gallery of breathtaking space photographs transmitted back from the Voyager probes. In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, on a grand tour of the solar system and into the mysteries of interstellar space. Attached to each of these probes is a beautiful golden phonograph record containing a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence that might encounter it, perhaps billions of years from now. This enchanting artifact, known as the Voyager Golden Record, may be the last vestige of our civilization after we are gone forever. Curated by a visionary committee led by Carl Sagan, the golden record tells a story of our planet expressed in music, sounds, images, and science. Etched on the record's gold-plated aluminum jacket is a diagram explaining where it came from and how to play it. The golden record was a gift from humanity to the cosmos. But it is also a gift to humanity. It's a reminder of what we can achieve when we are at our best-and that our future really is up to all of us.
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